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League and Good Government

The League and Good Government

First league Action: After winning the vote, local leagues turned their attention to local elections laws. In 1929 their research was compiled into the League's first election law digest. These activities laid the foundations for the League's future election reform efforts.

Most significant contributions: In 1993 the league won passage of the National Voter Registration Act, the "motor voter" law. This law will enfranchise millions of citizens by streamlining voter registration nationwide and making it more accessible. The League is currently working to ensure implementation of motor voter in the states.

The League also played an instrumental role in reforming the federal campaign system by lobbying successfully for the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1974. This law reformed the presidential and congressional campaign finance systems and instituted public financing of presidential campaigns.

"The suffragists' campaign to win ratification of the 19th Amendment offers a guidebook on how to make the system work for citizens. The keys to power are not mysteriously locked away, they are in this guidebook. Grassroots organizing. Coalition building. Activism. These lessons remain intensely relevant today. " Becky Cain, President, League of Women Voters, 1994.


Passage of comprehensive campaign finance reform.

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