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President's Message

As we start our organizational machinery moving toward planning for this new year, we reach back to 1995 to assess some of our activities and the issues we addressed, much of which have been discussed in our Voters.

In brief, we addressed bus fare increases; restricting on-street parking in residential areas; Convention Center Draft Environmental Impact Statement; Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization's Oahu Work Plan; Regional Transportation Plan; Lihilani Development; Waikiki Advisory Task Force; Real Property Advisory Committee; Hobron Lane block rezoning; the City's controversy over Bishop Estate and East Oahu; and pro/con on Con Con.

On behalf of the State Board, we testified at the Legislature against lowering the compulsory school age; on violence education in schools; absentee voting; voter registration; State land use district boundaries; campaign spending reforms; domestic violence; firearms; State ethics enforcement rules and procedures; public Access Room funding; elimination of State tax credits; and televising of legislative proceedings.

This election year, we continue the Con Con pro/con and will come to some consensus or not; we embark on Ad Watch on TV and possibly radio; renew efforts to increase voter registration especially of the disadvantaged; promote a "Get Out the Vote" campaign; and continue as watch-dogs of the City Council..

We need the cooperation and participation of as many members as possible. We hope you have given League priority status on your New Year's resolution!

Suzanne Meisenzahl

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