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Victory Train and Chicago National Convention

Don't miss the victory train ride from St. Louis Union Stations to Chicago on Friday, June 7, 1996. Seventy-five years ago the suffragists traveled to Chicago, many by train, to celebrate winning their right to vote. Today we honor them by recreating that train ride as the league celebrates 75 successful years and gathers in Chicago once again.

Convention '96 will be held at the Chicago Hilton & Towers in Chicago, where the League of Women Voters began in 1920. We go back to celebrate and to plan for the next 75 years. Convention '96 officially begins Saturday, June 8 at 1:00pm and concludes Tuesday, June 11 at 5:00pm. During these four days, we will do the business of League, conduct workshops and seminars, visit Wares Market exhibits and Publications Sales Booths, explore Chicago and network with members from around the country.

The State league is allotted 3 voting delegates, Honolulu League is entitled to 3 voting delegates, and Kauai & Hawaii Leagues one each. All League members are welcome to attend the Convention as non-voting visitors to observe the proceeding and participate in all the nonbusiness activities.

For those League members who have not had the privilege of seeing League conduct its internal business, this truly a memorable experience. You will see grassroots in action. You will see thousands of dedicated, informed individuals articulating League's mission as they chart League's course for the next two years. You should return with enthusiasm and renewed dedication to that mission.

Call the office as soon as possible to make your reservations for the train ride and/or the Convention. The deadline for the train ride is February 29. We hope we can fill a car.

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