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President's Message (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Vote Counts Cancelled (Arlene Ellis)
Report of the Membership Recruitment Committee (Grace Furukawa)
League on "Oahu Speaks" Special
Cheryl Soon to Speak at P&Z Committee Meeting (Astrid Monson)
Testimony on Bill Relating to Development Agreements
State News - House Committee on Finance: Taxation
Court Monitoring Project Underway
National News - Challenge to National Voter Registration Act
Action Call
Many Voices One Vision
Annual United Nations Wrap-Up (insert) (Margery Cohen)

Action Call

The first Bi-Partisan Campaign Finance Reform in ten years is being introduced in the US Congress. We are asked to urge our Representatives Abercrombie & Mink to co-sponsor H.R. 2566, and to ask Senators Inouye & Akaka to co-sponsor S.B. 1219. These bills would establish restrictions on PAC's, ban "soft money," and establish voluntary spending limits for House and Senate candidates, and provide reduced broadcast costs for those candidates who abide by spending limits.

The League of Women Voters/US supports H.R. 2566, a strong, effective comprehensive campaign finance reform bill now in the House of Representatives. The House leadership is less than enthusiastic about the legislation. While admitting campaign finance reform is a tough issue that needs to be tackled, the House leadership is not pushing ahead. Instead, the leadership proposes more study-activity rather than action. Proponents are building grassroots support and momentum to ensure that real action is taken.


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