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President's Message (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Vote Counts Cancelled (Arlene Ellis)
Report of the Membership Recruitment Committee (Grace Furukawa)
League on "Oahu Speaks" Special
Cheryl Soon to Speak at P&Z Committee Meeting (Astrid Monson)
Testimony on Bill Relating to Development Agreements
State News - House Committee on Finance: Taxation
Court Monitoring Project Underway
National News - Challenge to National Voter Registration Act
Action Call
Many Voices One Vision
Annual United Nations Wrap-Up (insert) (Margery Cohen)

League on "Oahu Speaks" Special

League was asked by "Olelo to participate in their "O'ahu Speaks" special addressing current legislative issues. We spoke on four issues - two on Thursday, January 25 and two more on February 1. These were aired the day after they were taped and are being repeated.

Astrid Monson and Jean Aoki discussed Bishop Estate's East Oahu development plans and the consent decree proposed as a means of settling the legal disputes between the City and Bishop Estate and some other East Oahu developers. Arlene Ellis and Grace Furukawa talked about taxation, giving a brief historical view of fiscal problems where we are and how we got here and suggested some solutions. Marion Saunders and Clint Morantz discussed three current trends in education reforms: 1) smaller schools that can personalize education, 2) autonomy for schools to design their own programs to answer students' needs, and 3) putting schools closer to the community - a central gathering place for the community. Suzanne Meisenzahl aired the letter written by State President Jacqueline Kido to Governor Cayetano protesting the withholding of the $62,000 appropriated by the 1995 Legislature for the neighbor island public access stations to purchase equipment that would help them tape the proceedings telecast to the neighbor islands to re-telecast them at reasonable hours.

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