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President's Message (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Vote Counts Cancelled (Arlene Ellis)
Report of the Membership Recruitment Committee (Grace Furukawa)
League on "Oahu Speaks" Special
Cheryl Soon to Speak at P&Z Committee Meeting (Astrid Monson)
Testimony on Bill Relating to Development Agreements
State News - House Committee on Finance: Taxation
Court Monitoring Project Underway
National News - Challenge to National Voter Registration Act
Action Call
Many Voices One Vision
Annual United Nations Wrap-Up (insert) (Margery Cohen)

Report of the Membership Recruitment Committee

The first orientation session of 1996 was held January 20 in the League office. This Saturday morning was attended by nine prospective or newer members. The group including Christine Andrews, Laura Crites, Alyson Williams-Cheung, Marjorie Wilkins, Evangeline Funk, Chiye Wenkam, Carol Bryant, and Malia Schwartz, were bright and stimulating people the League can be proud of. Members of the Honolulu Board who attended were Jean Aoki, Arlene Ellis, Pearl Johnson, Suzanne Meisenzahl, Marion Saunders of the State League and Jackie Parnell. They all spoke about the various activities currently engaging the Honolulu and State League. The next meeting for the new members will be in July.

Grace Furukawa

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