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Court Monitoring Underway
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Court Monitoring Underway

Members of the State Human Resources Committee are busy monitoring the three family court rooms handling all the adult criminal cases. We'd like to acknowledge all these members, most of whom are busy in so many other areas as well.

Special thanks go out to Bobby Masse for her current efforts setting up the data base to collate the results as well as updating the court monitoring forms based on the trial and error of the last couple of weeks.

Courtroom volunteers are: Susan Anderson/ Project Manager, Julie McAuliffe, Barbara Salice, Betty Smith, Virginia Baz, Christine Andrews, Chiye Wenkam, Evangeline Funk, Maria Ching, Grace Furukawa, Marjorie Wilkens, Julie Owens, Pearl Johnson, Suzanne Meisenzahl, Naomi Fujimoto, Luree Hays, Tammy, Bebe Bainum, Bobby Masse, Jo Kamae Byrne, and Karen Crocker.

Either talk openly about domestic violence and mobilize community resources against it or pay the price of repressed emotions and continued abuse against women and children.

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