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President's Message (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
League Criticizes East Honolulu
Budget Committee Report (Arlene Ellis)
LWV-Honolulu Proposed Budget FY 1996-97
Court Monitoring Underway
Bremner to Speak on Waikiki Controversy
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Ah Quon McElrath to Speak at Annual League Meeting

President's Message

This month brings to a close my term as Honolulu League president. It has been two wonderful years and only the beginning of my work with the League. I wish to specially thank Arlene Ellis, Astrid Monson, Jean Aoki, Grace Furukawa, Pearl Johnson, Jackie Parnell and Annie Kim for being not only active board members but friends. I would also like to thank the nominating committee for thinking I deserved another term in office. Unfortunately I have to turn down their offer.

The issues that I find myself working on center around our Human Resources Committee and the Education Committee - both state undertakings rather than local. Sadly too I have neglected my role as Vice President to our Kauai president Jackie Kido. Hopefully I can rectify that. The search for my replacement is under way. We look forward to your suggestions in filling this important job.

Suzanne Meisenzahl

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