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Camp Kailua

A new first in the Camp Kailua saga evolves
as pointed out by the following excerpts from a letter to the Mayor

150 Hamakua Drive, Suite 793
Kailua, HI 96734

April 2, 1996

City and County of Honolulu
Honolulu Hale
Honolulu, HI 96813

Dear Mayor Harris,

We have examined the 96/SMA-001 file at the Department of Land Utilization and the transcript of the proceedings of the public hearing held at Kailua High School on February 5, on the SMA permit application for the Kailua Beach Park Master Plan.

Of utmost concern to us is that upon examining the file we also found clear evidence that on February 6, the day following the public hearing, at 11:34 AM and at 12:50 PM, a computer check was done on the property tax assessments for the addresses of two people who had submitted testimony against the City's plan to tear down Camp Kailua. One of the persons is a contractor who offered to help renovate the camp. Both persons are listed in the phone book at the address given in their respective testimonies.

The right of citizens to petition their government is protected by the Bill of Rights and is a fundamental and cherished part of our democratic form of government. It is our constitutional right to be able to petition our government without the fear of investigations, intimidation, and reprisal.

To check property tax assessment information on individuals who in their testimonies did not support the City's demolition plans for Camp Kailua is a direct breach of their constitutional rights. This breach of rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights is having a chilling effect on free speech in our community.

Your administration, and that of your predecessor, have gone very far in manipulating the democratic process, dividing the community, and discrediting the supporters of Camp Kailua. But we never thought that in the attempt to implement your agenda for Camp Kailua, your administration would go as far as to breach rights guaranteed us by the Bill of Rights. We are dismayed and concerned. I

Sincerely yours,


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