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Annual Meeting '96
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Annual Meeting '96

The Annual Meeting of the LWV of Honolulu, was held on April 20 at the Ahi Room of the Pacific Beach Hotel.

In a surprise move, Astrid Monson who is best known as the guru of planning and zoning. was nominated by Ah Jook Ku and enthusiastically elected president. Other officers elected were – Jean Aoki, Vice President; Grace Furukawa, Secretary; and Annie Kim, Treasurer. Directors elected were Arlene Kim Ellis, Suzanne Meisenzahl, and Judith Stitley.

The membership unanimously approved the Treasurer's Report, the proposed Budget for 1996-1997, the continuing program for the League and a dues increase of $5.00 per year. Beginning this month, individual annual dues will be $35.00 and $52.50 for households.

The membership also reached a consensus on the con con issue to oppose a constitutional convention for 1998, with one member dissenting.

Agreement was reached by the membership to form a committee to take action on the freedom of action by citizens without fear of intimidation by government as indicated by the Camp Kailua issue. The chilling effect of government looking into the affairs of private citizens who testify in opposition to the City will be addressed by League.

The business meeting was followed by lunch and a talk by Ah Quon McElrath.

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