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Human Resources

Joyce Richards, executive director of the Girl Scout Council of Hawaii hosted a luncheon for Pat Broderick, Special Counsel in the Department of Justice's Violence Against Women Office. Created in March 1995, this office is part of the comprehensive national effort to combine new federal laws with assistance to states and localities to fight domestic violence and have it become part of the public and private dialogue. This office is charged with the implementation of Title IV, The Violence Against Women Act, which is part of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. As the primary point of contact for other 'federal agencies, state and local governments, outside organizations, and Congress, the office is responsible for the overall coordination and focus of the Department of Justice's efforts and initiatives to combat violence against women.

"We need to change attitudes and create a "seamless system" of intervention and prevention. One of the reasons that women don't come forward is the embarrassment and shame associated with domestic violence. People coming out and wanting to talk about it gives strength to people." says Pat.

This Act provides grant money for programs aimed at a coordinated community response. Attorney General Marjorie Bronster is Hawaii's contact person and coordinates these grants. Last year $25,000,000. was allocated nationally and each state received $426,000. Next years national allocation will be between $130,000,000 and $175,000,000.

League shared with Pat our court monitoring project, now in its last month. She has promised to provide us with a packet of information on what is happening in her office. Her office is printing 90,000 copies – of a national Resource Manual on domestic violence. We should have a copy in our office this month.

Suzanne Meisenzahl
Chair, Human Resources

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