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President's Message (Astrid Monson)
Annual Meeting '96
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President's Message

Honored and grateful as I am to the members who elected me at the Annual Meeting April 20, I feel I owe an explanation of how it happened to those of you who weren't there.

When I registered, nothing was farther from my mind than to be elected President. Twenty years of watching people like Carol Whitesell, Helen Griffin, Arlene Woo, Jean Ko, Barbara Farwell, Dorothy Lum, Arlene Kim Ellis, and Suzanne Meisenzahl cope with the job's awesome responsibilities had convinced me that I would be far more useful staying with the Planning and Zoning Committee, where – most of the time, anyway – I knew what I was doing.

Our 1996 Nominating Committee had tabbed Suzanne Meisenzahl to continue as President for two more years. Suzanne is also Vice President of the State Board and in charge of a number of State projects, including the time-consuming and important " Domestic Violence Monitoring Project" observing domestic violence trials in the State Family Court Criminal Division.

As time went on, Suzanne felt that in light of her interests, she should shift her major efforts to the State level, which meant giving up her nomination as Honolulu President. There wasn't time for the Nominating Committee to start all over again, so nominations were solicited from the floor at the April 20 meeting. Unfortunately it appeared that none would be forthcoming.

About an hour before the voting was scheduled, several members, in utter desperation, asked me to run. At first I declined, saying I was more useful where I was, and that for reasons of age and health I wouldn't make a good president. Finally, I agreed, if it were clearly understood that it would be on a short-term basis and that as soon as someone else was found, I could step aside.

Fortunately Jean Aoki, Vice President; Arlene Ellis, Director; Annie Kim, Treasurer and Membership Chair; Grace Furukawa, Secretary; and most of the remaining present Board members are staying on. League's Action Program is well set for the time being. With everybody's help, I'll try to do my best as a "caretaker" President. Please help League carry on our numerous activities. There is something for everybody to do.

Astrid Monson

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