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President's Message (Astrid Monson)
Annual Meeting '96
Excerpts from "The 1996 Legislature" (Ah Quon McElrath)
Consensus on Con Con (Jean Aoki)
Human Resources (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
State Legislative Report (Jean Aoki & Arlene Ellis)
Can Honolulu League Survive?
New Guide to Services Published by ASK-2000
Voice of Our Own
Well Wishes from Hawaii
Voter Article Deadline
National Convention

Voter Article Deadline

All articles for the Voter must be submitted to the office – ATTENTION=Voter Editor – by the end of each month.

Articles may be edited for length – but the substance will be retained. Please include your phone number so you can be called if there is a question on the contents.

Letters to the Editor and other comments are welcome.


Dear Friends;

The sixteen page analysis of the Con-Con issue is excellent. I wish it were required reading for every voter in our state.

Waikiki Zoning and Family Court articles are fine, too. Both "issues" require scrutiny and careful planning if one hopes for improvement.


Kate A. Haenisch

CORRECTION; In the April Voter's article on Waikiki, the word "density" was inadvertently omitted. It is the population density of Waikiki which is comparable to Manhattan. Tokyo, etc. – not the population. So far, anyway.

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