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President's Message (Astrid Monson)
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Board Summary

The State Council on May 11, voted to oppose the calling of a 1998 Constitutional Convention when the question is on the ballot this fall. (See article elsewhere in this Voter.)

The Court Monitoring project will have secured all needed data by May 31, and it will then be analyzed and a report prepared. Possibly other islands will be setting up similar projects. Suzanne [Meisenzahl] is off to Kauai today to make her presentation to their board.

The Board agreed to help recruit members to serve as Election Day Officials on September 21, and November 5, Their earnings will be paid direct to League as a fund-raising effort. See article in this Voter.

It was agreed to write the Mayor a letter expressing our serious concern at the investigation of the tax records of certain Camp Kailua members, thus intimidating testifiers against the City's position. At Ursula [Retherford]'s request this will be delayed until the present mediation process is completed.

Arlene Ellis will serve as a delegate in place of Astrid to the State Board. Jackie Parnell will chair Environmental issues and Judith Stitley, "cyberspace" communications

Planning will begin for the fall membership meeting and the December Program Planning Meeting. Yvonne Kearns will be responsible.

The next meeting date will be June 30.

[Original title: "Post Board Summary"]

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