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Council Decision of Con Con

The League of Women Voters' State Council voted to adopt a position opposing a constitutional convention in 1998.

At this May 11th meeting, there was a great deal of discussion, sometimes heated, before Helene Hale, Co-President of the Hawaii County LWV made a motion "that the LWV/Hawaii take a position to oppose a constitutional convention in 1998, and the Con Con Committee come up with a justification." After more discussion, the motion was adopted with two delegates dissenting.

The difference in opinion was not on whether a convention should or should not be called; everyone agreed it was not needed. The Kauai delegation felt that League should not take a position, and should confine its activities to the education of our citizens on the pros and cons of having a con con.

Time did not allow us the opportunity to discuss League action to promote our position. We agreed that the Con Con Committee will draft a statement on the reasons for our position plus a pro-con sheet for circulation among State Board members for input. We should also start considering a possible action campaign to commence in August after the State Board meeting. This is going to necessitate some really creative thinking because we have no money set aside for such a campaign.

Jean Aoki
Chair Con Con Committee

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