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Election Volunteers

Every election year, the State of Hawaii depends on over 5,000 people in the community to serve as election officials on election day. Election officials are eligible citizens who help to conduct the election by working in the precincts, delivering and collecting the ballots, and working in the counting center.

There are different types of election officials...

Precinct Officials help voters through every step of the voting process at the polling place. They assist voters by providing instructions, answering questions, and making sure that voting is convenient and pleasant for every voter.

Delivery and Collection Team (D/C Team) Officials help to deliver the ballots to the polling places on election morning and to collect the voted ballots at noon and after the polls have closed. Each team consists of two members and a taxi driver.

Counting Center Officis help to process and tabulate voted ballots. They inspect and prepare the ballots before tabulation and conduct post-election audits.

You are eligible if you meet these qualifications

  • Registered voter in the State of Hawaii

  • Able to read and write English: and

  • Not a candidate or a parent, spouse, sibling, or child of a candidate.

This year non-profit organizations such as the League will be given the opportunity to use election services as fundraisers. Any member who wishes to participate in this effort can register with this office. The stipend earned by the member for services rendered as election day officials will be mailed directly to the League, and credited as a contributions from the participating member. Those members who have worked in elections in previous years and have received stipends from the State, may elect to do so again.

Compensation for services will be mailed about five weeks after each election. The amounts vary according to position and responsibility.

Precinct Officials
$75 to $145

Delivery/Collection Officials
$50 to $65

Counting Center Officials
$65 to $145

For those members interested in the fund raising effort call the League office and register your name. You will be called by the State Elections Office to arrange for a short training session and assignment to a position. for those unable to stand a lot of physical activity, there will be sedentary positions available.

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