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Action Alert

Our National President, Becky Cain, and Pat Brady, our Advocacy Committee Chair, are calling on all State and local League's and their members to support the Bipartisan Clean Congress Act, H.R. 2566.

"Both the Republicans and the Democrats," the Action Alert points out, "are expected to bring their own alternative campaign finance reform bills to the floor. However, it is clear that partisan approaches will not succeed and that... H.R. 2566 is the only chance for real reform, .It is a strong, comprehensive, bi-partisan bill. Other bills might contain some good provisions, but either have little chance of passage or would fail to provide comprehensive reform.

H.R. 2566 sets voluntary spending limits. It provides reduced-cost ways for candidates to communicate in more responsible ways with the public. It puts new control on "soft money" contributions which operate outside the limits of Federal law. And it controls special interests by limiting large individual contributions and cutting PAC donations.

The Action Alert calls upon League members to write or call their representatives and urge him/her to vote for H.R. 2566 "because partisan approaches cannot succeed in this election year. Each bill has provisions that would favor the political party offering it."

National League also asks us to alert other organizations to the upcoming debate on Campaign finance reform and to bring the public attention to the issue through letters to the editor, radio call-in shows, and similar measures.

National League says that leaders of the House of Representatives expect campaign finance reform to be one of the items on the House floor during the week of July 8, also known as "reform week."

This issue is of paramount importance. We call on all Honolulu League members to take whatever action they can. Without campaign finance reform we are doomed to continue to suffer the legislative problems we all know only too well.


Neil Abercrombie
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Phone 202 225-2726 Fax 202 225-4580
Rm. 4104, Prince Kuhio Federal Bldg. Honolulu, Hawaii 96850
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Patsy T. Mink
2135 Rayburn House Office Bldg. Washington, D.C. 20515-1102
Phone 202 225-4906 Fax 202 225-4986
Rm. 5104, Prince Kuhio Federal Bldg. Honolulu, Hawaii 96850
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