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Candidates in Focus

The LWV of Honolulu will co-sponsor the "Candidates in focus" series with Olelo before the 1996 Primary and General Elections. All candidates for elective offices will be invited to participate, with the exception of those who are running unopposed. Each candidate will be given the opportunity to appear on TV for up to 9 minutes to give an uncensored account of background information, experience, platform, specific issues or reasons why the candidate should be chosen over any opponents.

Offered free of charge to all candidates, this will level the playing field by giving those without large financial support, equal opportunity to appear at least once, before the TV viewing public.

Olelo will pick up all the costs of production and the League will participate in the "hands on" process. We will take on the task of scheduling each candidateparticipant for the taping sessions and call all candidates who do not respond to the invitation to encourage participation. In 1992 76 out of a total of 208 candidates took advantage of Olelo's offer and in 1994, 134 out of 328. We aim to increase this number this year.

This year we plan to hold orientation sessions for first-timers on TV performance by assisting them with their prepared scripts and giving them actual experience with the use of teleprompters. These sessions will be held before the Primary Election taping and before the General Election, if requested.

The actual taping will be held Monday through Friday on July 24 - August 7 at 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Leaguers will host these sessions: welcoming the candidates and putting them at ease; getting all the proper forms and waivers completed and signed; assisting them in making their choices of the tapes they want aired; collecting the nominal fees for those tapes they wish to take with them.


All the above will require a large number of volunteers. The initial scheduling and contacting of candidates will be on July 15 - August 29 Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. All activities will be held at 1122 Manunapuna St. Bus stops are located a short block away and there is adequate parking available.

We will also need volunteers who will be alternates, should an emergency occur. Once you volunteer for a specific date and time, your presence will be critical and an alternate must be available to fill in the time. Because some of the scheduling entails long hours, we will, of course, consider split shifts. Please call the office as soon as you are fairly certain about your availability.

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