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League Testifies on City Camping Facilities

The Camp Kailua issue was involved in two recent public hearings: – one in the Council's Committee on Parks, Health, and Public Safety and the other before its Zoning Committee.

Basically, the issue is whether to refurbish and renovate the Camp, which before 1991 was used by thousands of disabled and elderly people. It was closed down by Mayor Fasi and allowed to deteriorate to the point where many felt it should be torn down.

League had not participated in the refurbish-vs-demolish argument, since we felt unable to take a position based on a thorough study of the architectural, engineering, social and relative cost factors in the matter. However, we have testified on island-wide issues involved, primarily on: Bill 29, which reverses the 1992 ordinance authorizing the City to plan, construct, maintain and operate cabin camping facilities island wide.

On 6/26, in addition to testimony urging delay in making a final decision on Bill 30, we replied to a question from Councilmember Duke Bainum as to whether League thought the City should be in the camping business as follows:

  1. We believe that government is responsible for providing services and facilities needed by the people but which they are unable to provide for themselves.

  2. We believe that public services and facilities should be available to all who need them without discrimination.

  3. We feel that emphasis should be on helping those with special needs.

And since the disabled cannot pitch tents, some form of cabin camping facilities are needed.

The bill was referred back to committee and will have a third reading July 17.

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