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Ambitious Goal Set

Delegates to the League's 42nd national convention in Chicago in June 1996 voted to adopt a comprehensive two-year advocacy and education campaign to strengthen democracy and engage more citizens in the work of shaping better communities and 'a better country. Called "Making Democracy Work," the campaign seeks to counter Americans' growing cynicism about politics and government and build their confidence in the possibility of bringing about positive change.

"This is a natural place for the League to be, " said LWV President Becky Cain. "It is time for Americans to renew their commitment to the democratic process, and it is time for the League of Women Voters to renew its commitment to greater citizen participation and a stronger democracy. "

The "Making Democracy Work" starter kit received from National League maps out a two-year program for measuring the health of democracy in our communities and in the nation and includes suggestions for planning educational and advocacy programs to improve the indicators of a stronger democracy by:

  • increasing voter participation;

  • reforming campaign finance;

  • explaining civic education and knowledge;

  • enhancing diversity of representation; and

  • rebuilding civic participation.

Honolulu League will establish our "yardsticks" to measure where our community stands in all or some of these areas, report our findings through the local media and then seek change to improve in the selected areas. It is suggested that we form partnerships with other public interest groups for this ambitious undertaking.

Additional publications and help will be coming from national throughout this 2-year periods to guide us through this process.

The Honolulu board will discuss this campaign at its 11/14 meeting. at the League office. Recommendations will be presented at our 12/14 planning meeting for discussion. All members are invited to attend both meetings. Copies of the kit will be available.

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