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December 1996

Face to Face - Debate '96
President's Message (Astrid Monson)
Ambitious Goal Set
Code of Fair Campaign Practices
Kudos to League Volunteers in Election '96 (Arlene Ellis)
Election Day Exit Poll Volunteers
1996 Joint Military Women's Conference
Public Administration Program
Latest National League Publications
Program Planning Meeting

Latest National League Publications

In Our File - Available For Purchase

1. Empowering Citizens: A Guide to Influencing Public Policy

Designed to help League leaders in developing and implementing a compelling and inclusive local program that will build LWV membership, visibility, diversity and financial security. Includes separable sections on "organizing for Work on An Issue," "Ensuring That All Voices Are Heard," "Taking Effective Actions," and much more. Pub. #1053, $5.00 plus shipping and handling.

2. Transforming Medicaid

A comprehensive look at the purpose and current status of the Medicaid program, as well as current proposals for change. A companion to Re-Envisioning Medicare, published by the LWVEF in 1995. P u b . #1047, $2.99 ($2.99 for members) plus shipping and handling.

3. Transporting Radioactive Spent Fuel: An Issue Brief

This LWVEF publication focuses on key aspects of nuclear waste transportation. Designed to encourage and support community discussion of and participation in these important issues. Pub. #1052, $5.95 ($4.95 for members) plus shipping and handling.

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