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General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting


Should State League begin the process of arriving at a position on the same-sex marriage issue, not as a religious or social issue but as an equal rights issue'?

As we prepare for the State Con Con either in 1998 or the year 2000, what other issues should we prepare to address?

The State Board has voted to lobby for the scheduling of election of delegates in the 1998 election rather than a special election which would postpone the convention to 1999 or 2000. What do you think?

The 1997 Legislature will have to consider this and other issues in implementing the voters' decision to have a Con Con, unless, the Courts rule that the Attorney General is mistaken in her interpretation of the Con Con provision in the State Constitution. We need your suggestions on how League can contribute to the success of the convention and the values you want preserved in our constitution. We need to decide how and to what extent we will participate in National League's program. "Making Democracy Work". A comprehensive starter kit which will give you a good idea of what is involved and the ultimate goals will be passed out to all attending.


SPEAKER, GARY GILL, Director, Office of Environmental Quality Control, Dept. of Health.

As an ever expanding human population compete for space and natural resources in our state and on Oahu, environmental concerns are alarming many of our citizens.

How close are we to destroying Oahu as a visitor attraction?

To what degree are we succeeding in protection our environment? What are the forces for and against us'?

What are the problems you face in doing it the way you want to'?

What can we as individuals and as an organization do to help?

These and many other of your questions will be answered by our [speaker].

DATE: Saturday, Dec. 14, 1996

TIME: 9:00 Registration
9:30 Business meeting
11:30 Luncheon
12:00 Program

PLACE: Sea Fortune Restaurant
111 N. King St. (See map in back)

Menu: Chinese Chicken Salad
Fried Noodles w/shrimp, Scallop & Vegetables,
Vegetable Bau(Bun), Tofu,
Mushroom & Veggies,
Fortune cookies, Tea

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