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Planning & Zoning Committee Needs More Members

Our Planning & Zoning Committee has been active for a long time and has been deeply involved in almost every important planning issue that has been before the City Council for more than twenty years.

For many years we had more than a dozen active members, but time has eroded our numbers. Some have left Hawaii, some have health problems, some have full-time jobs (sometimes raising possible conflicts of interest), and some have taken on major responsibilities with other community organizations. The point is that we are down to a small handful.

This is an urgent call for help in our efforts. We need more League members to join the Committee. We meet in the League office at noon on the fourth Monday of each month. Some may think Planning & Zoning is a boring subject, but just watch some of the heated debates on Cable Channel 54. We know there are many of your who are concerned about the direction in which the Council is moving in our island. You don't have to be a planner to join our committee. Call the office to volunteer. Next meeting is on Jan. 27.

Astrid Monson

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