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President's Message (Astrid Monson)
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Urgent Appeal for Vote Counters (Arlene Ellis)
Neighborhood Board (Evangeline Funk)
Nominating Committee Report
Orientation Meeting (Grace Furukawa)
Making Democracy Work

Neighborhood Board

Although the zip code system was initiated by the postal service to facilitate mail delivery, the zip code has come to be used by the city and county government to help define council districts and neighborhood board boundaries. So too the League uses your zip code to locate members for many of the tasks the League performs. For example we used zip code numbers to find people to work on the exit polling to save members from having to drive long distances. We use zip codes to locate members in various council districts for various reasons. to facilitate the use of this took, the Neighborhood Board committee has rearranged and computerized the League Roster by zip code numbers. A copy of the roster of League members arranged according to zip code numbers can be found in the League office

Evangeline Funk
Neighborhood Board

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