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Orientation Meeting

The League held its first Orientation meeting of 1997 on Saturday, February 1, at the League office. Prospective members, new members and interested current members of the League were invited.

After a short social period when we got acquainted with each other and "talked story', the discussion was channeled toward League. Board members Arlene Ellis, Pearl Johnson and Annie Kim, together with President Astrid Monson spoke on League policies, and the work of various Committees of the League. The participating new members voiced their interest in many of the issues in which League took leadership positions. The discussion was interesting, stimulating and illuminating (interspersed with many light moments).

New member Marylucia Arace who joined League because of her interest in the Court Monitoring project of the Human Resources Committee, stated she would be interested in working the future Constitutional Convention arena. Caroline Miller who joined League just before the meeting, expressed an interest in planning and zoning (much to Astrid Monson's delight) and vote count (and was immediately committed by Ellis). Newcomer Nancy Young's preference was Education, which she would try to fit in between child rearing.

Returning member Marian Miller who is currently working on her PhD dissertation at UH Manoa spoke reminiscently of her mother and her commitment to the League. We of course all knew her mother, Rhoda, well. With more time on her hands, Marian hoped to be able to give the League more of it. Some time on vote counts now, and later work on the Voter.

We hope more prospective and new members will take advantage of our future Orientation sessions. The more the merrier.

Grace Furukawa
Chair, Member Recruitment

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