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Con Con Committee to Meet

A meeting of the Con Con Committee is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, March 27, at noon at the League office by then, the intentions of the Legislature in the scheduling and funding of the Constitution Convention should be clearer.

We will need to explore and determine the scope, depth and the direction of League's involvement in the Con con's pre-convention, convention, and post convention activities.

Our immediate focus will be the election and preparation of delegates to the convention. To increase the probability of a successful convention, the delegation should reflect a fair representation of all of Hawaii's citizens and subgroups and not the domination by a few interest groups. How can League help to achieve this desired result?

League members who were not part of the original study committee but who would like to become actively involved in this action phase are urged to join us.

You can choose to concentrate on a particular phase or activity or go the whole course. Dreamers, thinkers, doers, writers, talkers, leaders, followers, we need you all. The more volunteers we have, the greater League's impact on the convention.

Please call the League office 531-7448 about a week before March 27 to confirm the meeting date. If you have any questions or suggestions, please call Jean Aoki at 949-7457.

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