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League Offers Student Memberships

The Honolulu Board, at this February meeting, moved to offer a special fee of $15.00 for STUDENT memberships. A student membership will be offered to anyone attending a high school or an accredited college, full time. We have long hoped to encourage young people to become involved with the League. Making a special effort to recruit students, member Patricia Card of Chaminade University is arranging for a League table at the Women's International Day celebration at Chaminade on march 19. Our new fee schedule may encourage students to join.

League of Women Voters of the U.S. and the State League has offered local Leagues a rebate to cover the new reduced dues scheduled for students.

If any other member has access to students, and would be willing to help us recruit them, please call Grace Furukawa at League to discuss an approach.

Grace Furukawa

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