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President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
Annual Meeting
Freedom of Information - County Style? (Evangeline Funk)
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Neighborhood Board Elections (Arlene Ellis)
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Nationalization of News and the Newsification of Politics (insert) (Beverly Keever)

Annual Meeting

54 members attended the Annual Meeting and luncheon at the Pagoda Hotel on Saturday. April 26. The members elected Grace Furukawa to lead the League in 1997-1998 assisted by Betty Goodwin as Secretary, Annie Kim as Treasurer, and Astrid Monson and Evangeline Funk as 2-year Directors. Continuing to serve are Jean Aoki, Vice-president and Arlene Ellis and Jackie Parnell as Directors. 1998 Nominating Committee members elected were Astrid Monson and Luree Hays. Other members to the Board will be recommended by the Board and appointed by the President at the next Board meeting in May.

Other than changing the name of the Human Resources Committee to the Violence Prevention Committee, no substantive changes were made in our continuing program.

A spirited discussion of the Con Con issue was led by Jean Aoki. Concerns were voiced on the use of "non-votes" in tabulating election results on the question of whether or not to convene a Constitutional Convention. After a series of pros, cons, what-abouts, and what-ifs, the consensus seemed to call for further meetings to study and disseminate that and other questions.

A 48-page Annual Meeting Booklet was put together by Arlene EIlis, Pearl Johnson, Annie Kim. Suzanne Meisenzahl and Jonalynn Sing. Other than a few small errors in the text corrected by Astrid Monson and Jean Aoki, and a couple of pages that were reversed, the booklet is full of informative pages contributed by Committee Chairs, that describe the year's efforts put in by our members, -from cash contributions by members to support the League, to registering thousands of voters under debilitating conditions, to waiting interminable hours at City Council Chambers to give a one-minute testimony, to counting votes under the supervision of a tyrant, to name a few.

For the first time ever, the booklet contains the full text of the positions by which the League of Women Voters of Honolulu operate and ends with the By Laws of this organization. The booklet deserves to be read.

Lunch was tolerable, but the luncheon speakers were superlative. The topic was "Freedom of information: and without doubt we chose two experts in the field. The thought provoking questions from our members indicated we were not slouches in this issue. The presentation, "The Nationalization of News and the Newsification of Politics" by Beverly Keever follow in a separate insert. Peter Olson's talk will be printed in our next issue.

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