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Neighborhood Board Elections

Mahalo to all the hardy Leaguers and friends and family who braved the primitive conditions of the cell on the 4th floor annex of the Neighborhood Commission offices in which we crowded together ripping envelopes and plucking chads off ballots. Not only did they freeze their buns off in the 61 to 71 degree temperature in the concrete box, but going to the bathroom was a treacherous trek. Walk the length of the annex, open the door. step up and over the threshold, walk a long plank (lookout for that bump!), walk up a flight of stairs, open the door, walk through a maze of office partitions, open another door, walk down a flight of stairs, follow a hallway and finally "WOMEN". That was not all of it. Now they had to go back!

To our utter amazement, most of our adventurers came back for seconds and thirds. Perhaps the tremor on our lips and the quiver in our voices as we begged them to return, helped. Whatever it was, we endured three weeks and accomplished our task to rave reviews from the powers to be.

Mahalo, dear friends. We will see you again in two years – same time, but hopefully, different place.

Arlene Kim Ellis
Elections Coordinator

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