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President's Message

Past presidents of League have all had burning issues in which they were actively involved, and about which they could speak competently. As I mentioned in my acceptance speech, I see myself more as an enhancer – doing whatever I can to assist those with busy portfolios. We have so many interesting committees in operation now -Violence Prevention, Planning and Zoning, Schools, Video Production, Making Democracy Work among others whose chairs are always looking for more ideas and willing participants.

My focus, besides being a facilitator, will be on membership. I have chaired the Membership Enhancement Committee and conducted the Orientation Meetings for new and prospective members for the last few years. This involves seeking out new members -- looking for ways to reach out to students and younger members, non-represented ethnic groups and those living in new communities. Diversity is the key.

We also need to try to keep those who drop their membership, and find out why they do so. Of course, gaining new members and keeping old members should not be the responsibility of only one person. Every member, active or inactive, should be involved in this. I am considering setting up a buddy system – hooking up new members with current members living in the same area. Other ideas are welcome. We know when members get actively involved, they generally stay on.

We are sorely in need of potential leaders. None of us is getting any younger. We need to identify them and groom them for leadership roles. Although our most pressing need is for active participating members, we need also to recognize and thank those who sustain the organization by paying their dues, although inactive. Age, health, business and family commitments often times keep some members from active membership. But they swell our ranks and numbers counts. I'm sure you have, at one time or another, asked your friends to join, but have you asked your immediate family -daughters, sisters nieces, – and don't forget the men. One family member hadn't joined because she was never asked.

Grace Furukawa

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