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President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
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LWV-Hawaii Convention '97

LWV-Hawaii Convention '97

Thirty two delegates to the State Convention elected the following officers to lead the State League in 1997 to 1999.

President-Jean Aoki, vice president-Toni Worst, Secretary Patricia Card, and Treasurer Jackie Parnell. Also, unanimously elected, were Directors Jackie Kido, Suzanne Meisenzahl, Marion Saunders and Marian Wilkens. Nominating Committee members for `97-98 are Luree Hays, Jackie Kido and Astrid Monson.

Programs adopted were 1] a Study of mail-in ballots for State Elections; 2] a Review of the State position on Campaign Financing with consideration toward including direct public financing as well as indirect public financing; 3] developing a state position on Social Policy; 4] including elementary as well as secondary schools in the position of Choice in public education; 5] and renaming the Human Resources Committee to Violence Prevention Committee.

Look for a full program of activities for the next two years. We anticipate there will be something for everyone to become involved in. There is lots of room in our offices. We can't wait to fill them up with concerned, inquiring, individuals.

Fifty members enjoyed the buffet luncheon and the "pull no punches" talk on "Should we mandate campaign expenditures?" given by Robert Watada,, Executive Director of the Campaign Spending commission. A lively question and answer period followed

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