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President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
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LWV-Hawaii Convention '97

President's Message

On June 8 Arlene Ellis and I will be attending the LWVUS National Council in Washington DC. This will be my first attendance at any National League event, and I can't remember the last time I was in Washington. it will be exciting for me to see the League from a national perspective. Having a little fun on the side couldn't hurt either. League is offering a gala dinner and entertainment featuring "MRS. FOGGYBOTTOM & FRIENDS" by Joan Cushing.. The Washington Post calls Cushing "The Clown of Powertown". I love political satire.

Seriously though, we will be looking at the National budget. With membership at a stand still or declining, money becomes more of a problem both at the national as well as local levels. We will have a chance to network with other leaders of "Big cities" and see how they handle the special problems that we all have. The meeting of leaders of the other Leagues around the country, hearing about their problems and their efforts to affect changes will be inspirational.

Leadership training sessions will include: "Personal Growth -- Stress Free Leadership: The Balancing Act, Media Training/a.k.a. Communication Skills, and Developing Community Collaboration/a.k.a. Building and Sustaining Coalitions. We will be attending different sessions so that we can bring back information on all the topics offered.

Probably the most exciting part of the Council will be our visit to the hill. We will have appointments with all our Hawaii congress persons. For us, this will be relatively easy since we only have four, and are on a first name basis with them all. We will, of course, be pressing the League's priority issues which is, at Level I - Enacting Campaign Finance Reform and Protecting the National Voter Registration Act. How far we will get with the Level II priorities is unknown.

I wish we all could have the opportunity to attend at least one National League function. It would give us a broader focus of the League. We in Hawaii are part of a united effort to fulfill the League's mission.

Grace Furukawa

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