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President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
Consensus on Gambling Study
Tax Reduction -- For Whom? (Astrid Monson)
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League Testifies at the Public Hearing on One Archer Lane
League Monitors Domestic Violence Cases (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Orientation Meeting (Grace Furukawa)
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Making Democracy Work

Consensus on Gambling Study

The Facts and Issues report, "Should Hawaii Legalize Gambling?" is being readied for distribution to our membership and will be mailed out sometime in mid-July. the report was prepared by the chair of the Gambling Study committee, Sue Dursin of the Hawaii County League, with the assistance of Marian and George Wilkins.

The consensus questionnaire will accompany the report. A consensus meeting will be held in the office on Saturday, August 2 at 9:30 a.m. Those who cannot attend this meeting are encourage to mail in the completed questionnaire to the League office by July 31.

The State Board will act on the results of the consensus meeting held by the Local Leagues and develop League's position which will be used in our testimonies before the 1998 Legislature on any gambling measures which are introduced.

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