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President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
Consensus on Gambling Study
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Women's Coalition Package Update (Ina Percival)
League Testifies at the Public Hearing on One Archer Lane
League Monitors Domestic Violence Cases (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Orientation Meeting (Grace Furukawa)
Campaign Finance
Making Democracy Work

Orientation Meeting

The Honolulu League will be holding its semi-annual Orientation Meeting Saturday July 26, at 9am in the League Office. As usual we will be inviting all our new and prospective members to attend, as well as those new members who were unable to attend the past sessions. For those of you who are members of longer standing, but who have been inactive for one reason or another, please feel free to join us. we will bring you up to date on the new exciting events we will be looking forward to for the rest of the year. All of our regular chairs of the various committees will be present to summarize their activities and hear suggestions from you. The Board does not always have the opportunity to dialogue with our members and we regret this. Years ago League used to hold unit meetings at various homes, but this event became more and more difficult as members became busier. In any event, please come one and all. Coffee, juice and doughnuts will be available.

Grace Furukawa
Chair Membership recruitment

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