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Orientation Meeting

On July 27, Saturday, the League held its second Orientation meeting for new and prospective members in the League office. Eight people attended along with all the chairs of our working committees. Each orientation session seems to be more stimulating than the last. These new people were exceptional in caliber, background and interest. The League can be proud of their association with us.

Those who attended were Corinne Ching, Diana Dericks, Mary Jo Olson and Frances Mead-Messinger. Also Bernie Campbell who has been working on Violence Prevention and Clint Morantz and Mary Anne Raywid who have been working with schools. These last expressed interest in other aspects of League work. This brings up an interesting point. Perhaps some of our older and faithful members, who have been working on one area of interest may find they know little of other areas of League work. The orientation meetings bring to the fore all the areas in which League is active, and often one area interrelates with another. It is good also that all members have an opportunity to socialize and review League work with the chairs of the various committees.

Our next such meeting will be in January 1998 and I hope that members of long standing will feel free to join with these new people, welcome them and together review League work.

I particularly want to thank Jean Aoki for conducting this session, as I had to leave town at that time. And also, many thanks to all the busy Board members who came to explain their work with these interesting people.

Grace Furukawa

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