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President's Message

There are times when an active League like ours can take a breath and be inactive. This fall is NOT one of those times. The issues that need to be addressed are urgent and exciting, and requires the attention and time of every Leaguer. Honolulu League is in the position of not only acting on local issues but also on State issues - simply because we are here.

Now coming right around the corner after the Violence Prevention lunch and panel on September 20, is the Con Con election on December 6, with all the activity that must precede it to convince the public to vote "NO". It is important to educate the public about why we took that stand and to urge every registered voter to VOTE.

Very important to League and to Voter Service is the Vote Count at the University of Hawaii in October. While this is going on we will be registering these young voters and perhaps persuading a few to join the League of Women Voters.

The Teamster's Vote Count in November is the one most Leaguers come out for and enjoy in spite of the hard work.

Perhaps nothing is more important than the large public meeting of the Clean Money, Clean Elections Alliance (CLEAN) of which Honolulu League is a member. This is part of our Making Democracy Work committee, a national as well as state Priority. We hope every member who can possibly make it appears at the Capitol on Saturday November 8. Only a large attendance will impress the Legislators that the public means business.

We hope all your pride in being a part of the League of Women Voters will come to the fore so we can have an active and visible presence during all these important activities. Please don't be shy about volunteering. Otherwise, you know who will be hitting the phones to remind and urge you.

Grace Furukawa

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