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Vote Counts

Conducting elections for organizations that require the services of an impartial, professional third party whose integrity is not questioned, is a need that the League has filled since 1971. Begun as a public service, the service blossomed into a two-fold project -- public service, as well as a fundraiser for the League. Throughout the years, we revised the vote count procedure so that today we are faster and more efficient without compromising accuracy. Honolulu relies heavily on this project to maintain our budget.

Unfortunately, we are dependent on the public's need for this service. Labor organizations usually hold their elections every three years, while credit unions hold them annually. However, there is less controversy among credit union elections, so the need for League's services is smaller. Therefore, League has experienced "feast" or "famine" years.

In October an election has surfaced that we once conducted many years ago. The Associated Students of the University of Hawaii (ASUH) is holding an onsite election of their Student Senate on October 14 to 16 at the Manoa Campus that requires our services. After the on-site polling, the tallying of votes will be held at the League office on October 17.

In order to accomplish this task, we will need a minimum of 8 volunteers on each of the 3 on-site voting days, but prefer a total of 12 persons to cover the 4 polling sites each day. We will be working with a roster of approximately 12,000 eligible voters. Each voter's name must be found on the roster, checked off, and signed by the voter. Unfortunately, each voting site will have the same roster, so to be able to find the ballots that may have been voted by the same person in more than one polling site, we will be using the system of 2 envelopes: the ballot envelope sealed after the voted ballot has been inserted, and the outside envelope within which the ballot envelope has been inserted. The outside envelope will have the voter's name printed on it. The secrecy of the ballot will be maintained, because we separate the envelopes before opening the ballot envelopes that are accumulated.

The tallying of these ballots will be more complicated than usual. We need the extra procedure of matching names on 4 sets of rosters to determine whether anyone voted more than once. Our work on the 17th will necessarily be a long one.

We will use the opportunity at this election to register as many qualified students to vote in the Hawaii State Elections, as well as distribute League issue papers, and solicit membership in the League.

When it rains, it pours. On October 4, we will be doing the mail-out for the Teamsters' Union Vote Count. The place has not yet been set, but the time will be from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We will need a minimum of 30 volunteers but more are welcome. The more busy hands we have, the earlier we finish. Those who are experienced vote-counters know that the Teamsters provide a continental breakfast and lunches for all Leaguers. All the practical arrangements have not yet been agreed upon, but we are trying to persuade the Teamsters to allow us to receive the ballots in our office so that we can work on the eligibility check inhouse. If we are successful in our negotiations, we will need at least 4 volunteers daily in the office from October 8 to 24.

Please read the narrative carefully, check your calendars, and then call the office to volunteer for one or more days for each or both of the elections. Our office numbers are: 531-7448 and 537-6267.

Arlene Ellis
Elections Coordinator

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