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Annual General Membership Program Planning Meeting
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President's Message

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! OUR ANNUAL PLANNING MEETING for our members to consider what burning issues to recommend for study this coming year. I'm sure all of us can think of many things that need to be changed in our city and state - things that get in our craw and raise our blood pressure as we read the newspaper and watch the news daily. and most of us don't need the high blood pressure. but remember, as we speak out to study an issue it should contain the following: it should be a strong widespread issue of current interest. It should have member concern and members willing to work on that issue. And we must remember cost - is it possible for us?

Now before you get all excited about this, let's review what we have all accomplished this year in promoting the program we adopted last year, and then what we can accomplish.

We joined the CLEAN ALLIANCE (Campaign Finance Reform). Since we passed the concurrence to include "direct" public financing to our position on Campaign Finance Reform we will have assistance with our efforts to educate the public and to lobby the Legislature. Toni Worst has done a yeoman's job to organize and move this effort along. CLEAN will have a large public forum in January to publicize what's happening. We will coordinate this with a membership meeting 1/31/97.

Marion Saunders and her education committee has continued to work to promote their position on choice in the elementary schools as well as the high schools. Their efforts to promote charter schools and schools within schools also continues.

Then there's the Con Con, currently in limbo. But we can expect that another vote will be required, probably in the next election, if not sooner. League is preparing promotional and educational materials to convince voters that we do not need a Con Con at this time. If we fail and a Con Con is scheduled next year, some, and we hope, many of you will run as delegates. League recently reaffirmed our commitment to Hawaii's Bill of Rights in our Constitution. We anticipate an attack here in the battle over same sex marriage.

Now that the Gambling study is complete and we have a consensus in opposition of legalizing any form of gambling, except social, in Hawaii, our efforts will be in the promotion of this position. We have now joined an alliance with the Council of Churches on this issue. On December 6, the Council of churches will sponsor a forum both pro and con on this issue with the nationally know Tom Grey, at the Mabel Smythe building.

The Violence Prevention committee headed by Suzanne Meisenzahl has expanded its study state-wide. Certain areas of need for change is emerging which will action on many fronts.

'To continue these efforts in the education and promotion of League positions we need people who are writers - for viewpoints, Letters to The Editor; and speakers - to address various League issues.

Now, what else could we put on our plate? We should look into expanding our Violence Prevention Program to include child abuse. the current committee is too busy at this time to look into violence against children or review what health providers are doing in this area.

Remember 1998 is an election year. this calls for special election activities that involve Voter Service.

On the NATIONAL LEVEL, other states have been calling on Hawaii to support a study of their favorite subject at the National Convention. One state wants to reflect the impact of increased population on all our policies. Another wants a study on the Federal Presidential Primary Election Process. The National League Convention will be in San Diego on June 13 - 16, 1998. Any member interested in attending as a delegate should plan to call me.

Now, at this meeting, LET'S HEAR YOUR INTERESTS!

Grace Furukawa

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