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Annual General Membership Program Planning Meeting
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Bonnie Campbell 4th Violence Forum (Excerpt from her speech) (Bonnie Campbell)
State Economic Task Force Makes Tax Recommendations (Astrid Monson)
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Public Forum on Gambling
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Special League Mailings

Your League has been in touch with you, the members, rather frequently this year with special mailings and requests for return answers. Your responses are critical to League function whether to object or approve various measures brought to your attention. Our profound thanks to all of you that responded to our consensus on gambling. State League has now completed that study and our position is a resounding NO to Hawaii legalizing any form of gambling.

Then before you could catch your breath, another request for a concurrence on adding "direct" public financing to our positon on campaign financing. Here again, our members agreed to this, thus facilitating our work to achieve real campaign finance reform. this coming Legislature.

NOW AGAIN, YOU WILL BE RECEIVING ANOTHER MAILING - this time a MEMBERSHIP QUESTIONNAIRE that will allow us to input on the computer information about each member. We need to know your individual interests and ability to work in what direction to help the League in its planning, study and action work. We hope, finally, to try NOT to bother you by calling for help, where you cannot or don't wish to help. We appreciate that at this time of year you are getting every catalogue know to man and God, but PLEASE DON'T PUT OUR QUESTIONNAIRE ON THAT PILE FOR LATER REVIEW. IT WON'T TAKE MINUTE OF YOUR TIME TO COMPLETE AND RETURN IT IN THE STAMPED ENVELOPE PROVIDED.

Grace Furukawa
Chair Membership Enhancement

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