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Annual General Membership Program Planning Meeting
President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
Bonnie Campbell 4th Violence Forum (Excerpt from her speech) (Bonnie Campbell)
State Economic Task Force Makes Tax Recommendations (Astrid Monson)
Holiday Food Drive
Spread the Word
Public Forum on Gambling
Special League Mailings (Grace Furukawa)
Membership (Annie Kim)

Spread the Word

The importance of Campaign Finance Reform, our opposition against gambling, our belief that the Con Con should not be held at this time, our continued efforts to expand our Bus rapid transit system, and our efforts to promote charter schools and schools within schools are all priority items on League's agenda. We want to urge all our members to keep these matters on their minds and speak out at any organizational meetings they may attend. this is particularly important as well attend Neighborhood Board meetings, our political parties when they establish their legislative priorities and as we see our legislators at fund raisers etc. Let's not be shy - Speak out!

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