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Gambling Forum

The December 6th forum on legalized gambling sponsored by the Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling of which League is a member was a stimulating two hours filled with interesting facts and figures; heated debate over differing conclusions about gambling benefits and problems in different cities and states; and some humor which added relief to tense moments.

The Reverend Tom Grey displayed the practiced adroitness and the conviction of the passionate crusader that he is. With his wide knowledge of the consequences of legalized gambling in different parts of our country, he was able to counter all arguments on the benefits of the gambling industry. Mr. Michael Hands, president of the North Kona Development Company, claiming a 12% unemployment on the Big Island with 35% of its residents receiving food stamps, was very forceful in his insistence that legalization of a home rule issue with each county given the right to decide for itself.

Mr. Gene Mansfield with the quiet confidence of a representative of a successful company providing lottery systems in 29 or the 38 states involved in lottery and in providing lottery services worldwide claimed that lottery provided a painless revenue stream to cash-starved governments. Major Kenneth Tano of the Honolulu Police Department stated that 2% of the adults become problem gamblers, and claimed 10,000 people in Hawaii would become problem gamblers should we legalize gambling here. Moderator Dan Boylan, good naturedly allowed much informal give and take while still following a plan for formal presentations followed by rebuttals by the panelists, then a free debate. The program ended with spirited comments and questions from the audience.

The forum in its entirety will be shown on 'Olelo.

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