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Membership Meeting Planned
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Membership Meeting Planned

The Membership meeting was held at the Pagoda Hotel on Saturday, December 13. The Current Positions of the Honolulu and State Leagues were given for all to review.

It was recommended that League put out a Voter Guide restricted to our Web Page to save cost. It was brought out that ensued, that the work involved in putting a guide together would be the same whether for the WEB or hard copy, so why not go for the total package? The most difficult decision for the voter to make was determined to be that of the candidates for the Board of Education. It was decided that we would recommend to the State Board a Voter's Guide for the BOE, not only for the Web Page, but in hard copy also.

It was noted that "Mail-In Voting." was the current State study. Jean Aoki reported on the Gambling Coalition and the status of the Con Con committee. Marion Saunders reported on the schools and education committees. She and Mary Ann Raywid will be assisting in setting up a charter school in Kihei, Maui. Toni Worst reviewed the status of HI.CLEAN Alliance. The bill for the Legislature is being prepared now.

A brief resume was given by Arlene Ellis on Voter Service activities we can anticipate this coming year. An appeal was made for workers in our January 6 vote count.

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