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President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
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President's Message

HI. CLEAN ALLIANCE, of which League is a part, is planning a large conference for Alliance members and the public on January 31.

We are seeking Mainland speakers and will have a special mailing with details later in January. We will also, mail out a copy of the summary of the Legislation being prepared. It is a complicated bill, so review it and send us your recommendations.

This group has done as much as possible to reach the public - numerous letters were sent to organizations, political parties, unions, business organizations. The Green party and the Democratic party have put Campaign Finance Reform on their priority list. We are contacting all Neighborhood Boards. Some Boards are more interested than others but we have promised to send the drafted Legislation to each for comment. We have not been able to do much in reaching the neighbor islands at yet, but expect to be working on that soon.

To summarize the activities to date:

  1. Leaguers have voluntarily assisted the Campaign Finance office with data-entry proofreading.

  2. Jean Aoki at the library and Toni Worst and Janet Mason at the computer are working to compile research for the public on the connection between money and politics.

  3. League voted to include DIRECT along with INDIRECT to our position on the financing of campaigns.

  4. Reached out to the public (noted above).

  5. Toni Worst with the support of Senators Les Ihara, Matt Matsunaga and McCartney and Representatives Ed Case and Scott Saiki sent a draft bill to the Legislative Reference Bureau for drafting into Legislation.

  6. Toni & George Fox started the process of making HI. CLEAN a 501 C-(4) non profit organization and a 501 C-(3) organization for research and education.

  7. Janet Mason is working on securing grants to fund the 501 C-(3).

  8. HI. CLEAN will be holding a PUBLIC EDUCATION CONFERENCE JANUARY 31 TO INTRODUCE CLEAN ELECTIONS TO THE PUBLIC, LEGISLATORS AND THE MEDIA. We hope to generate greater visibility for the effort as well as demonstrate support for Reform.

Grace Furukawa

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