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"Motor Voter"
National Voter Registration Act (NVRA)

Early in the 1998 session, the House of Representatives is expected to act on proposals that would significantly undermine or kill the NVRA. The major thrusts of these proposals are to require proof of citizenship to register to vote; reinstate purging for nonvoting; require Social Security numbers on voter registration applications; and/or require photo ID at the polls without any protection against discrimination.

This is the first major challenge to the NVRA in the House since the law was enacted in 1993. For educational reasons, or reeducational reasons, it will be especially important for Leagues to contact Representatives who supported the NVRA in 1993, as well as new members who may not have taken a position on the motor voter law.


Please contact your Representative as soon as possible. Alert her or him to the threats to "motor voter."

  • Write and urge your Representative to oppose H.R. 1428, H.R. 224, H.R. 1139 and H.R.2076, "ballot security" proposals that would undermine or kill the motor voter law, discriminate against ethnic minorities and abolish privacy protections.

  • Meet with your Representative in the district. Congress is not expected to get off to a fast start - there may be several opportunities to meet. The President's Day recess in February will be particularly good opportunity for meetings. You may wish to contact other motor voter endorsing organizations in your area and arrange to meet with your Representative together.

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