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Violence Prevention

Work is underway on the first of four League position papers this committee has undertaken. The first draft of the domestic violence position will be ready for discussion and review at a March 18th committee meeting at noon in the League office.

Also on the agenda for this meeting will be a discussion of the 90 cases including 81 individuals compiled during the Kona Court Monitoring project.

Testimony continues on the Violence Against Women Bills that are part of this year's Women's Coalition Legislative Package. These bills include: 1] allowing minors to seek shelter in domestic abuse shelters, 2] making use of deferred acceptance of guilty pleas or no contest plea inapplicable to an offense involving bodily injury to a person whose relationship to the perpetrator is one of a family or household member, 3] endorsing continuation of the Ad Hoc Committee on Domestic and Sexual Violence, and 4] supporting the violence against women death review. This authorizes the Dept. of the Attorney General to establish interagency and multidisciplinary death review teams to assist in identifying and reviewing adult deaths from domestic violence and sexual assault related to homicides and suicides.

Suzanne Meisenzahl
Chair Violence Prevention

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