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Reproductive Choice

Last month in the President's Message we reviewed the League's policy on the right of privacy in reproductive choice. League opposed the ban on late term abortion. Bill HB 2973, HD 2 passed the Judiciary committee and the full House in spite of its unconstitutionality at both the federal and state level. Ed Case, Marilyn Lee and Cynthia Thielen voted "No" and wrote a paper dissenting. In the Dissent they stated that those Legislators who passed this bill directly violated the oath they took to uphold the Constitution. It also noted the Bill's vagueness in terms of what specifically can and cannot be done medically and surgically. Further, it allowed third parties (fathers and grandparents) the right to sue the physician performing the procedure.

The Bill was attacked on its unconstitutionality; its violation of the doctor/patient relationship; and its limitation of medical options -in diverse situations. The religious morality of one group, in a diverse society should not be imposed on others. This Bill was recognized as a "carefully crafted national effort to overturn Roe vs Wade".

The Bill, as of 3/12/98 moved over to the Senate. The groups who testified against this bill include the LWV, Department of Health, Hawaii Medical Association, American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, Hawaii Women Lawyers, American Association of University Women, ACLU, and First Unitarian Church among others.

On 3/11/98 a 24 hour vigil was held at the Capitol in recognition and mourning of all the women who died before the law legalizing abortion was passed. The LWV was one of the many groups who participated in this effort.

Grace Furukawa

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