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"Candidates in Focus"

Once again League is participating in the "Candidates In Focus" project offered by Olelo, the public access station. All candidates for elective office are being given up to 10-minutes each of free TV time to introduce themselves to the public and to discuss issues of concern to them. This offer is being made to ALL candidates before the Primary and General Elections with the exception of those who are running unopposed.

This is a commendable public service that is very much appreciated especially by candidates for the Board of Education and OHA seats who have limited or no funds with which to run a campaign. The project also gives all challengers to House, Senate and City Council seats the opportunity to, in some small measure, to gain visibility to compete with their wealthier, incumbent opponents.

The taping of candidates will begin on August 5 and continue to August 20 for the Primary Election. League volunteers are calling candidates to schedule them for taping times. Volunteers are also needed to act as greeters and to assist candidates in pre-taping functions, weekdays from 9:30 a. m. to 8:30 p.m.

On August 8 and 9 between 9:00 a.m. to noon, League will hold workshops for those candidates who feel the need for help in preparing for their video presentation. Volunteers for this effort will need to bring a tape recorder for the session.

Pearl Johnson is coordinating the scheduling and taping sessions. We have many hours to fill, so please call Pearl at 537-5471 and volunteer some time. No one will be turned down.

We also need volunteers who have had public speaking or video or drama experience to assist in the workshop. English teachers fit this bill. Call Arlene Ellis at 531-7448 or 537-6267 - the sooner the better.

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