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Paradise in Jeopardy? (Ruth Brantley)
President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
Voter Registration (Arlene Ellis)
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Testimony Before the Charter Commission
Con Con Committee (Jean Aoki)
Forum for Congressional Candidates
Voter Registrars
Violence Concurrence

Voter Registrars

For service above and beyond the call of duty; for dependability and reliability in keeping scheduled hours; for keeping a smile on the face no matter the circumstances; for sincerity and honesty; for the show of visible enthusiasm; and above all for handling all uncomfortable situations with a sense of humor -- the hundred of citizens who registerrd to vote in the lobbies and meeting rooms of condominiums and retirement homes and in State housing Projects, say: Thank You, do jay, salamat, merci, danka schoen, mahalo, da no bhad, arigato, ko map sim ni da, gracias and cam on, to:

Clara Ahn
Doris Anderson
Jean Aoki
Dahlia Asuega
Betty Beacker
Jim Becker
Martha Black
Ellen Burkland
Reynolds Burckland
Charles Carole
Frances Delany
Edith Demars

Virginia Fine
Grace Furukawa
Elizabeth Galvin
John Galvin
Luree Hays
Annie Kim
Sumiye Konoshima
Ah Jook Ku
Sylvia Levy
John Loomis
Sharon Marshall
Mary Marx

Ben Marx
Maryrose McClelland
Mary Jane McMurdo
Lola Mench
Caroline Miller
Pukea Miyamoto
Anthony Orentstein
Edith Sawyer
Malia Schwartz
David Shideler
Edna Shoup
Carol Taylor

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