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Violence Concurrence

Copies of the "Domestic Violence Victim Safety In Hawaii" report was mailed to all members of the League weeks ago. Many of you completed and returned the Concurrence Questionnaire attached to the report.

Unfortunately, copies of this in-house report got into the hands of non-members who went public in opposition to the contents -- although we made it clear to the media that the report was meant for study by the membership and that our members had not yet reached concurrence.

The Member Concurrence Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 19, at noon, in the League office. We urge all members to attend this important meeting even though you sent in your questionnaire. There is much to be gained in the discussion of pros and cons. We cannot emphasize too strongly that participation in these discussions is an integral part of the concurrence process. Each voice is important and each thought meaningful. Only through sharing these can we reach a true concurrence. So, mark August 19 on your calendars and make the effort to attend the meeting.

Two years ago, the Domestic Violence Committee presented a court monitoring report to the membership at which an over-flowing crowd of over 100 attended. Being the first report of its kind in Hawaii, it was well received by the membership and the public. That first report covered the Courts in Honolulu only, and the project has since expanded to the neighbor islands.

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