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Voter Registration

After a slow start at Diamond Head Vista on July 1, hardy volunteers took-off and to date, registered over 500 voters in the lobbies of 17 secured condominiums and the Palolo Valley Housing Projects.

Registrants' responses were gratifying. "Great project!; Sure appreciate your being here; I didn't know I had to register again because I moved; You sure make it convenient for me; Now I can complain, right?; Can you do this at my condo in Salt Lake? ...." were some of the comments we heard. We did not hear one word of complaint from anyone.

Many "shut-ins" were particularly grateful for the "mail-in" registrations we offered. Many were not sure they would be in town for the Primary and/or the General Elections and appreciated the opportunity to ask for an absentee ballot "just in case".

The Palolo Valley Housing experience was something else again. The housing project consists of over 70 2-story walkups spread out over acres of ground. We set up headquarters in the meeting room and sent representatives of the League out into a misty rain to each of the walk-ups knocking on doors, offering voter registrations to all who were citizens. Emulating mountain goats, Leaguers started by scampering up and down stairs in eager anticipation of registering prospective voters who had never seen a polling booth before. At the end of the day, they limped back and turned in the registration forms. We were not able to get to all of the units, and had to reluctantly leave blank forms to be filled out later.

Of the 24 letters sent to presidents of the condominium A.O.A.O.'s we received 3 definite "no's" with no explanation of why not. We have not given up yet. We are still attempting to gain entry into Housing projects and out-lying condos. August 20 is the deadline for registration for the Primary.

Arlene Ellis
Chair Voter Service

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